The Brodhead Center is the heart of campus—the central location where everyone at Duke can gather, interact, and make meaningful connections.


As an integral part of the campus center, the Brodhead Center helps define and energize this vibrant hub of life, learning, and socializing.


The Brodhead Center and the campus center breathe a feeling of energy, inclusion, diversity, and connection into the entire Duke campus and community.

blending history with
modern innovation.

A staple on campus since the 1920s, the Brodhead Center has served as a dining hall, bank, laundry facility and administrative offices throughout the years. In 2013, an ambitious renovation began to accommodate a growing student body and create a modern and exciting campus experience. The result is a meticulous update, restoring the beauty, functionality, and grandeur to this historic building.

  • Open Spaces, Natural Light

    Inspired by open-air food markets from around the world, the Brodhead Center features large, open spaces and plenty of natural light.

  • Restored Wood Ceilings

    The 100-year-old wood ceilings were completely restored. With the addition of dining balconies, students now have an even better view of the ceiling’s beautiful detail.

  • Glass Façade

    The large glass façade—almost 6,000 square feet—fills the Brodhead Center with natural light blurring the line between inside and outside.

  • Blackened Steel

    Careful attention was paid to crafting the towering “Blackened Steel” portals that connect historic spaces to the central market.

  • Original Gargoyles

    Gargoyles from the original building were preserved and incorporated into the new design, helping seamlessly blend the classic Duke gothic style with contemporary architecture updates.

Because great food brings people together, incredible attention was spent creating unique restaurant venues that serve amazing food. And there’s more to the Brodhead Center than dining. The upper floors have been revitalized to include plenty of space to work, play and relax.

Outside, the Brodhead Center honors the history of Duke University by blending the grand gothic look with contemporary design language that matches the innovative space. This is a world-class building that continues Duke’s legacy of leadership, innovation and inspiration.

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