An Amazing Space You'll Want To Explore

Open, comfortable lounges. Grand dining rooms with seating to accommodate any size group. Rooftop views and an inviting outdoor plaza. The Brodhead Center is the central gathering place for the Duke community, bursting with possibility and energy. Every inch of the space is beautiful, functional, and designed for you. Reserve meeting space for your group or organization. Gather for a meal with your whole House. Bring your food anywhere in the building, including that perfect spot with the great view.

There’s plenty to explore—and since the Brodhead Center is open 24/7, now is the perfect time to check it out.

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Living Rooms

Throughout the Brodhead Center you’ll find comfortable spaces where you can hang out with friends, work on a group project, have an impromptu house gathering, or just enjoy watching the world go by.

Reserving Space

Brodhead Center rooms and spaces are available to reserve for organizational meetings, house get-togethers, meals and other events. With plenty of versatile space, there’s a spot just right for your needs.

Event Sites

Hosting an organizational event? The Brodhead Center has the space—and amenities—for you. From performance halls to functional lounges, find accommodations for your needs.

Collab Spaces

There’s no longer the need to worry about where to meet up for group projects. The Brodhead Center has functional space for your organization—complete with the latest tech to support your presentations.

Presentation Venues

The Brodhead Center is the hub of activity on campus, making it the perfect place to put on a show, host a club event, have an organization membership drive, or showcase your group. Get your word out there!